Deepen your relationships with your valued clients and uncover exciting upsell possibilities with Namiru Solutions and the Summertime Challenge. Surprise them with a delightful summer gift worth up to 8,999 EUR before they set off for their summer adventures and stand a chance to win up to 400 EUR in Amazon vouchers! 🏖️

Submit an account to win up to 400 EUR in Amazon vouchers. 

It costs 7 times more energy and money to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. 

Selling to existing customers should be easy then, BUT…

🦈 It's challenging to maintain ongoing engagement with clients who feel they've already maximized their use of Salesforce.

🦈 Overcoming resistance from clients who hesitate to invest in additional Salesforce products or services is tough.

🦈 Navigating complex internal structures and differing priorities among stakeholders within the client’s organization can be daunting.

🦈 Regularly communicating the benefits of new features and encouraging adoption among existing clients is often difficult.

It’s often hard for AEs to sell to existing clients or prevent them from churning before it’s too late. Namiru Solutions has a solution for you.


Free workshops for your accounts this summer to uncover opportunities 🦩

Improve your connections with current clients to increase sales with our FREE workshops this summer! 

🐠 Support Your Clients: Nominate your existing accounts, identify whitespace opportunities, and refer any complex inquiries to our team.

🦐 Enhance Client Relationships: Strengthen your connections with clients by offering exclusive consulting services and strategic workshops.​

🦀 Win attractive prizes: Receive a 200 EUR Amazon voucher and others as a reward for being the top referee!

What is in it for your clients? 🍹 

First Runner Up 🦩

4 Hours Free Workshop with Senior Consultant

Worth 2 590 EUR

  • Introduction and Objective Setting (15 Minutes)
  • Use this time for brainstorming sessions, troubleshooting, or implementing innovative Salesforce solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Strategic Recommendations and Action Plan (1 Hour)
  • Wrap-Up and Next Steps (15 Minutes)
  • No support

Winner 🐬

8 Hours Free Workshop with Senior Consultant

Worth 4 990 EUR

  • Introduction and Objective Setting (30 Minutes)
  • Current State Assessment (1 Hour)
  • Business Needs and Goals Discussion (1 Hour)
  • Data and Integration Review (1 Hour)
  • Feature Utilization and Gaps Analysis (1-2 Hours)
  • Strategic Recommendations (1 Hour)
  • Q&A and Action Plan (1 Hour)
  • Wrap-Up and Next Steps (30 Minutes)

All Qualified Nominees ⛱️

1 Hour Best Practices Consultantion

Worth 149 EUR

  • All other valid submissions will receive a 1-hours "Ask Us Anything" session.
  • Get instant reply to some of your pressing challenges related to Salesforce technical setup.

What is in for Salesforce AEs? 

200 EUR

Amazon voucher for Salesforce AE who submitted the winning account.

100 EUR

Amazon gift voucher for Salesforce AE who sumitted the second best qualified account.

100 EUR

Amazon gift voucher for Salesforce AE who has submitted the most qualified accounts.

⛵Joining in feels as light as a summer breeze!⛵

By 13 July
Nominate accounts 

As a Salesforce AE, you have identified accounts that need help or have a pontential to be upsold a new product. It's super easy to nominate your accounts,  just fill in a form below. 

End of July
Get rewarded for your nominations

Our management team will select the top qualifying accounts and will distribute up to 400 EUR Amazon vouchers to the most active Salesforce AEs.

August -
Free Workshops

Namiru will conduct workshops wit the selected accounts.  The workshops and sessions must be used within August or September 2024.

Build Pipeline 
for the rest of
 FY 25!
Opportunties Uncovered! 

Namiru Solutions identifies gaps and oppotunities and we can discuss together on next steps in the sales process. 

Frequently asked questions

Conducting Healthchecks and Discovery Workshops can present certain challenges. Namiru has successfully led numerous health checks that have led to opportunities for upselling or implementing quick win enhancements for less satisfied clients. While our requirements are not overly strict, we do need to ensure a certain level of potential in the nominated accounts.

⛵ Minimum requirements

  • A small to medium-sized business with 20-200 Salesforce users 
  • Preferably a multi-cloud client - the more complex their environment and product usage, the greater impact we can have.

🚤Preferred qualifications

  • We need you to justify why your nominee is the ideal candidate for the competition. Here are some key questions to help evaluate their potential.
  • Are there any ongoing technical challenges the client is facing that we can help resolve?
  • Are they actively engaged in Salesforce events or seeking assistance and new insights from us?
  • Do you see potential for upselling opportunities but need assistance in approaching them? Please provide more details.​

The outcomes of the 8-hour strategic workshop for the winning company should be clear, actionable, and tailored to their specific needs. Here are some potential outcomes and examples:

Salesforce Optimization Strategy:

Outcome: A detailed plan to optimize Salesforce usage to improve sales processes, customer relationship management, and data analytics.

Example: The workshop identifies inefficiencies in the sales funnel. The plan includes custom workflows, automated reporting, and integration of third-party tools to streamline processes and improve data visibility.

Custom Feature Implementation:

Outcome: A prototype or detailed plan for implementing custom features or applications within Salesforce.

Example: A company wants to insert a certain process or a specific CRM function. The workshop results in a design for a custom Salesforce app that automates customer follow-ups based on AI-driven insights.

Data Cleanup and Migration Plan:

Outcome: A strategy for data migration, cleanup, and consolidation to ensure accurate and actionable data within Salesforce.

Example: The workshop results in a step-by-step plan for migrating data from legacy systems to Salesforce, including data cleaning scripts and integration schedules.

Salesforce Training Plan:

Outcome: A comprehensive training plan tailored for the company's staff to ensure they maximize their use of Salesforce.

Example: The workshop produces a customized training program, including tutorials, workshops, and a helpdesk setup for ongoing support.

Performance Metrics and Dashboard Design:

Outcome: Customized dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure business performance.

Example: The workshop designs interactive dashboards that visualize sales performance, customer interactions, and forecast trends, providing real-time insights for management.

Submit your qualified accounts today!

Complete the form below to nominate your client accounts by June 30th. General terms and conditions apply.

General Terms and Conditions

1. Workshop and Session Usage: The workshops and sessions must be scheduled and used within August or September 2024.

2. Organizer's Rights: The organizer reserves the right to not select any account and either extend the competition or cancel it at their discretion.

3. Lead referral: While we will strive to maximize the chances of uncovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities for Salesforce AEs, we do not guarantee that any opportunities will be identified.

4. Time managemen: If strategic problems are identified that require more time than the workshop allows, we will provide up to 8 hours of consulting for free for the winning account and respective hours for the others. Any further work beyond this will be charged based on the provided estimates.

5. Documentation and Preparation: We do not guarantee any documentation as part of the workshop . All work will be conducted live during meetings. No upfront preparation will be done by the organizers before the workshop schedule. Clients are responsible for preparing and structuring their goals and objectives for the workshop.