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Keeping your Salesforce org nice and clean, always up to date is hard. We make it a lot easier, less stressful and more fun. Our Free Salesforce Org Health Check is the first step.  


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8 reasons your Salesforce possibly needs a health check

To ensure that the Salesforce implementation is efficient, aligned with business goals, and ready for future growth and success.

After the initial implementation of Salesforce, it's common to conduct a Health Check to ensure that the system is configured correctly and is aligned with the organization's evolving needs.

If users are experiencing performance issues, slow response times, or other system-related problems, a Health Check can help identify the root causes and recommend improvements.

Issues with data quality or difficulties in integrating Salesforce with other systems may necessitate a Health Check to assess the data architecture and integration strategies.

Low user adoption rates or dissatisfaction among users may prompt a Health Check to evaluate the user interface, user experience, and overall system usability.

Changes in regulations or security concerns may require a thorough review of the Salesforce implementation to ensure compliance and data security.

If the organization is planning to scale its operations or undergo significant growth, a Health Check can provide insights into the scalability of the existing Salesforce setup and recommend adjustments to support future needs.

Organizations may seek a Health Check to identify opportunities for cost savings, such as optimizing licensing, streamlining processes, or reducing unnecessary customizations.

If executive management has concerns about the overall effectiveness of the Salesforce implementation or wants to ensure that Salesforce is aligned with the company's strategic goals, a Health Check can provide valuable insights.

How does the Salesforce health check work

The specific steps in a Salesforce Health Check can vary depending on the unique needs of the organization, but here is a general outline of the process

Discovery Call

  • Sign NDA for confidentiality if you need
  • Indepth consultations with team members
  • Organisational Drivers (Challenges, Business Priorities)

Salesforce Review

  • Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your Salesforce org, covering all key aspects, from configuration and customization to data quality and security.

 Personalized Consultation

  • Based on our analysis, we'll provide you with a comprehensive report containing customized recommendations, actionable insights, and a clear plan of action.

Potential Collaboration

  • You can either rely on your resources to implement the recommendations
  • Our team can help  implement the recommended changes, ensuring a seamless transition and maximum impact.

Namiru conducted a brief healthcheck of our CPQ configuration. We were able to implement some of their recommendations and really speed up our interface. 

Peter Mayer • IT Manager at L'Occitane

We have tried a number of consultants before, but Namíru was different with clear deliverables. Their response times were fantastic. Definitely worth the investment!

 Dennis Ceragioli • Partner at Hexagone Capital

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