Salesforce Marketing and Service Cloud Implementation for a Legal Software Company

A leading technology company specializing in web-based trademark management solutions sought to optimize customer engagement and streamline support processes.

The client, a leading technology company specializing in web-based trademark management solutions, sought to optimize customer engagement and streamline support processes. To achieve their goals, The client partnered with Namiru Solutions, a trusted Salesforce implementation partner. This case study explores the challenges faced by The client, the collaborative solutions provided by Namiru Solutions consultants in integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Service Cloud, and the resulting benefits and outcomes.

Salesforce Products Implemented

Service Cloud - Enterprise Edition

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement


Reports and Dashboards

Case Routing


Completion Time

9 weeks


Before engaging with Namiru Solutions, The client encountered several challenges:

  • Fragmented Customer Data: Customer information was dispersed across various systems, impeding a unified view of customer engagement and preferences due to data silos. 

  • Inefficient Marketing Campaigns: Manual processes hampered The client's ability to execute targeted and personalized marketing campaigns at scale, resulting in reduced effectiveness and resource wastage.

  • Limited Support Efficiency: Lack of a unified customer support platform hindered The client's ability to provide timely and efficient support, leading to delays, inefficiencies, and decreased customer satisfaction.

Collaborative Approach from our Consultants

The client enlisted the expertise of Namiru Solutions consultants to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Service Cloud, addressing their challenges and meeting customer engagement and support goals.

  • Collaborative Planning and Strategy: Namiru Solutions consultants collaborated closely with The client to understand their specific requirements, objectives, and pain points. Through in-depth consultations, they developed a comprehensive and agile implementation plan aligned with The client's business goals and timeline.

  • System Integration and Customization: Namiru Solutions consultants customized the platforms to meet The client's unique needs, configuring features, automations, and workflows to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: Namiru Solutions consultants provided thorough training sessions to The client's staff, ensuring they were equipped with the necessary skills to utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Service Cloud to their full potential.

Benefits and Outcomes

Namiru Solutions completed this project within 9 weeks. It was critical to the project success that Pardot was up and running within 4 weeks which allowed The client to create a landing page for an important INTA 2023 conference enabling The client to capture registrants, and to nurture these registrants as they became high value leads through an automated journey that supplied relevant marketing material at the most impactful intervals.

The wider project allowed Namiru Solutions to address additional challenges and enable The client to exceed customer engagement and support goals.

Salesforce Service Cloud 

  • Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud for The client in a remarkably fast time frame of only 9 weeks.
  • Developed extensive automation solutions to handle responses to common issues, directing users to self-service where applicable and reducing manual effort and improving efficiency of the support team.
  • Created an automated case routing system to ensure that cases are directed to the appropriate agents for prompt resolution.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring prompt and targeted responses to customer inquiries and issues.
  • Set up and configured customized reports within Salesforce Service Cloud to track support agent efficiency and capacity handling.
  • Configured report filters and criteria to segment data based on different parameters, such as agent, time period, and case type.

Salesforce Account Engagement powered by Pardot 

  • Assisted in setting up landing pages for the INTA 2023 conference, enabling the marketing team to effortlessly collect leads.
  • Implemented an engaging follow-up program for conference leads, sending personalized thank-you messages and sharing relevant case studies.
  • Created a trial initiation workflow to motivate leads to start a trial of The client, maximizing conversion rates.
  • Successfully launched the automation and engagement programs within a tight timeline of just 5 weeks.
  • Enabled The client to provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience through automated processes.
  • Increased the marketing team's productivity by eliminating manual data entry and allowing for automatic lead capture.


By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Service Cloud, The client successfully addressed their challenges related to customer engagement and support. The integration resulted in improved customer experiences, streamlined marketing campaigns, and enhanced support operations. The client can now leverage the power of Salesforce to scale their business, strengthen customer relationships, and achieve sustainable growth.

Implement Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement by Pardot

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