How a global SaaS company connected their product data with marketing and sales teams on Salesforce to grow annual recurring revenue

The client is a rapidly growing SaaS company that offers a powerful web and mobile app analytics tool, enabling businesses to track user behavior, and analyze customer experiences.

Client Situation
  • The client is a rapidly growing SaaS company that offers a powerful web and mobile app analytics tool, enabling businesses to track user behavior, and analyze customer experiences. 
  • As their customer base expanded, The client faced challenges in managing subscriptions, client data, and marketing efforts efficiently in one place.
  • They recognized the need to integrate their existing subscription platform, Chargebee, with Salesforce Sales Cloud to provide their sales team with comprehensive customer insights. 
  • Additionally, The client wanted to leverage Salesforce's capabilities to optimize marketing campaigns and improve their user onboarding experience.

Namiru Solutions' Approach
  • To address these challenges and scale their operations, The client sought the expertise of Namiru Solutions, a leading Salesforce implementation partner. 
  • We collaborated closely with The client's stakeholders to understand their requirements and design a tailor-made Salesforce implementation strategy. The project was divided into 3 phases and took less than 5 months to complete.

Phase 1: Sales Cloud Implementation and Chargebee Integration (8 weeks)

During the initial phase, Namiru Solutions focused on implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and integrating it with their existing subscription management solution, Chargebee. 

  • Disconnected Subscription Management: The client faced challenges in managing subscriptions, as data was scattered across multiple systems, leading to inefficiencies in the subscription lifecycle.
  • Lack of Automation in Renewal and Upsell Processes: The client needed a system that would automate renewal and upsell workflows to proactively engage customers and drive revenue growth.
  • Limited Reporting into Financial Metrics: Consolidating Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) values from new business, renewals, and upsells across individual client profiles was a challenge, hindering financial analysis and reporting on clients.

Solutions and Benefits

The client partnered with Namiru Solutions to implement a seamless integration between Chargebee and Salesforce. The following solutions were deployed:

  • Integration of Chargebee and Salesforce: Namiru Solutions linked Chargebee and Salesforce in a sandbox environment to facilitate data synchronization and ensure a seamless data flow between the two systems. Later, our consulting team performed a full deployment into the production environment and ensured smooth go live.The client's Salesforce instance was customized to enable key Chargebee features like link URL payments, providing a unified payment experience for customers within Salesforce.
  • Signups and Sales Tracking: Namiru Solutions has implemented a mechanism to distinguish between sign-ups and sales leads. This differentiation helps in identifying the stages where prospects transition from sign-ups to qualified sales leads.
  • Renewal and Upsell Automation: The client's Renewal and Upsell processes were defined and automated within Salesforce using advanced Flows. This allowed the sales team to proactively engage with customers and identify upselling opportunities based on subscription data.
  • Consolidation of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) Values: Namiru Solutions developed a comprehensive reporting system that consolidated MRR values from New Business, Renewal, and Upsell opportunities under a single client profile. This provided The client with accurate financial metrics and insights.

Phase 2: Integration of Salesforce with the client product backend (6 weeks)

Namiru Solutions collaborated with the The client team to seamlessly integrate their product with Salesforce, enabling the sales team to access crucial product details and customer interactions within Salesforce. This integration helped sales representatives make data-driven decisions during customer interactions.

Our approach

  • Object Identification and Integration Directions:
    • After understanding The client's needs, the integration team identified the relevant objects and data fields in both the The client App and Salesforce that needed to be integrated. These objects included customer data, product details, leads, opportunities, and more. The data mapping exercise involved aligning the data structures, formats, and naming conventions of corresponding data elements in both systems. Additionally, the team determined the integration directions, ensuring seamless data flow between the two systems in both directions, as required.
  • Event-Driven System Architecture:
    • Namiru Solutions recommended multiple integration approaches, utilizing an event-driven system architecture. This approach allows data updates or events in one system to trigger actions in the other system automatically. As a result, real-time data synchronization and seamless integration were achieved between the The client App and Salesforce.
  • Testing Support:
    • Throughout the integration process, Namiru Solutions provided continuous support to The client during testing. Rigorous testing was performed to ensure that data was accurately transferred between the two systems, and that integration workflows functioned as intended. Any issues that were identified or discrepancies were promptly addressed, guaranteeing a smooth integration experience.
  • Creation of Multiple Flows based on the The client App data:
    • Namiru Solutions leveraged Salesforce's automation capabilities to create multiple flows to streamline lead conversion and product data assignment to the right accounts and contacts. These flows automated the process of converting leads into opportunities or accounts and ensured that product data was correctly assigned to the relevant accounts.


  • Real-Time Data Synchronization: The event-driven architecture facilitated real-time data synchronization, ensuring that both systems had the most up-to-date and accurate information at all times.
  • Improved Decision-Making: With integrated data from the The client App and Salesforce, the end users gained comprehensive insights into customer interactions, sales processes, and product usage. This data-driven approach empowered them to make informed decisions.
  • Streamlined Product Data Assignment: The automated flows for product data assignment ensured that relevant product details were associated with the correct customer accounts, minimizing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Phase 3: Marketing Automation and Offline Conversions (5 weeks)

The last phase of the project focused on enhancing The client's marketing capabilities and integrating offline conversion tracking. Here is the overview of key activities and the benefits for the client: 

Marketing automation based on single customer data
  • Marketing Automation and migration from Active Campaign: Namiru Solutions configured the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to create personalized marketing journeys. 
  • By leveraging advanced Salesforce features for scoring and grading, Namiru Solutions developed a bespoke solution that analyzed user activity within the The Clients platform, allowing for the automatic scoring of incoming leads based on their engagement levels. This innovative approach streamlined the lead qualification process, empowering the clientto prioritize high-value prospects effectively, ultimately leading to improved sales outcomes and customer satisfaction.
  • This included the "Welcome Series" for new sign-ups from the The client app, providing targeted messages to users at different stages of their journey.
  • Namiru Solutions successfully facilitated the migration of 17 email templates from Active Campaign to Salesforce and integrated them into the welcome series automation. 
  • These templates were tailored for different segments of leads based on product data integrated from The client app, ensuring that users received relevant and personalized information related to their specific The client solutions, such as mobile platform-related details and activation codes.
Offline conversions to drive a lookalike audiences
  • Offline Conversions Integration: To gain a comprehensive view of ad campaign performance, Namiru Solutions integrated Salesforce with various platforms, including Google Ads and other advertising channels. This allowed The client to track offline conversions, and build lookalike audiences to improve the ad campaigns performance. Our Approach to Offline Conversions Tracking included:
  • Multiple Conversion Records: Creating multiple conversion records for different stages of the sales process allows The client to gain insights into the entire customer journey. They can track conversions at various touchpoints, such as initial sign-up, lead qualification, product demo, and final sale, providing a more granular view of the sales pipeline.
  • Custom Conversion Values: By assigning different conversion values based on customer lifetime, region and other parameters, The client can calculate the value of a lead or opportunity so that the Google algorithms can find similar companies and target lookalike leads. 

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement - Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Namiru Solutions and The client transformed the way The client managed their business processes:

  • Improved Sales Efficiency: The implementation of Sales Cloud and Chargebee integration empowered the sales team with real-time customer data. Sales reps can now generate payment and invoice links directly from Salesforce, eliminating the need to access Chargebee and the The client app. This streamlined process has saved valuable time and clicks, allowing the sales team to focus on nurturing leads and closing deals more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness: With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, The client could now execute targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in higher engagement and improved user onboarding experiences. Thanks to the seamless integration of The client with Google Ads, The client can optimize ad spending and achieve significant cost savings while driving higher conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The integration of The client app data with Salesforce provided sales, marketing and customer success representatives with valuable insights, helping them make informed decisions during customer interactions.


Namiru Solutions' successful implementation of Salesforce, along with Chargebee integration and marketing automation, has empowered The client to manage their subscriptions, sales and marketing efforts from a single system. By leveraging Salesforce's capabilities, The client has experienced increased sales efficiency, improved customer engagement, and data-driven decision-making, resulting in significant business growth and customer satisfaction. The collaboration between Namiru Solutions and The client is an example of an effective Salesforce implementation in driving business success.

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