Hexagone Capital revamps their Salesforce for their international growth

Hexagone Capital puts their clients at the centre of everything they do with help from Salesforce & Namíru

Hexagone Capital is an advisory and strategy consulting firm in wealth management. Their advisors accompany families, managers and entrepreneurs in the structuring and management of their assets wherever they are in the world. Hexagone Capital offers a range of products and services from investing for income to retirement planning and protection.


Hexagone's Salesforce needs supercharging

Hexagone's rapid growth in clients and assets under management has called for a natural evolution of its operations. Salesforce has been at the heart of everything they have been doing for many years. As with any financial plan which needs to be managed in order to remain on track and deliver market-beating results, the same must be expected for Salesforce. Namíru partnered with Hexagone Capital to supercharge their use of Salesforce and thereby ensure their Wealth Advisors were positioned for continued success in the years to come. 


New data model and optimization for new growth

Namíru consultants leveraged their know-how and applied an agile approach and weekly sprints to get as efficient as possible with open-ended scope. Namíru worked with the client to identify their top priorities and kept close contact with Hexagone Capital regarding the development, progress and achievement of the desired outcomes. All in a transparent and efficient way.

Health Check & Recommendations

Namíru’s consultants performed an initial health check to understand the client’s evolving needs and proposed a variety of options regarding how to efficiently achieve them. 

Complex Adjustments

Namíru performed complex adjustments to Hexagone’s Salesforce org without impacting the daily routines of their busy wealth advisors allowing for the automation of certain tasks and the creation of a data model which allows for more scalability and flexibility given the future growth ambitions of Hexagone. 

Fine-tuning operational processes

Namíru consultants fine-tuned the process with feedback from client testing until the outcome was exactly what the company’s Salesforce users needed. Additionally, all of this is documented in an accessible handbook for the customer to manage their user access over the long term.


Revolutionized user experience and improved flexibility

In just under six weeks Hexagone Capital revolutionised how they use Salesforce through improved scalability and flexibility. Hexagone saved valuable time by automating their lead qualification and conversion process and significantly improved efficiency and user productivity as they moved from the default B2B to B2C model of their Salesforce instance. As a result, this setup better reflects the nature of their business and gives wealth managers the right information at the right time to deliver exceptional service to their clients.


Due to the removal of unnecessary user workflows that caused duplicated data and the progressive approach to outcomes demonstrated by our consultants, Hexagone is positioned to continue to grow and consistently provide their clients with exceptional service by having a thorough understanding of their client’s financial needs and aspirations.  Hexagone manages Salesforce on a daily basis without any outside assistance but may work again with Namíru if complex needs arise.

Due to our fast growth, we needed to bring our Salesforce system up to speed again and our account manager at Salesforce recommended Namíru Solutions as financial services experts. We have tried a number of consultants before, but Namíru was different with clear deliverables, documentation and presentation of options. Their response times were fantastic. Definitely worth the investment!

 Dennis Ceragioli • Partner at Hexagone Capital

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