Global Retail Client bring all departments and associated brands to Salesforce

A French family-run group strives for long-term development of each of its Houses as well as back office operations.


It's old-fashioned to manage operations with Excel

Our client is one of the leading global fashion groups with 6 well-known brands and 400 employees in the APAC region. They searched for a solution that would modernize their manual business operations as well as bring all departments and associated brands onto one platform in order to support the business in an easier and more streamlined exercise.

What would the business be like if employees were to request business travel or equipment without filling paper forms and the stores could restock faster without any excel spreadsheets? See how your group-wide employee requests can be executed faster!

Salesforce Users
Global Fashion Brands


Creating fantastic employee experiences

After completing an initial analysis, the plan of action focused on adding value to the key stakeholders: customers and account managers. We introduced digital contracts, sales automation and achieved greater flexibility with standard features. 

Business Analysis & Risk Management

Our consultants built a branded community portal to service six brands using Salesforce Service and Experience clouds. The key to success was to gain a deep understanding of the 6 different business brands, their organizational charts and individual needs. The complexity was increased by the fact that some of the departments were working as shared services while others were individual ones for specific brands. By conducting a thorough business analysis, we mapped and identified key commonalities and differences between the units which allowed us to smoothly tackle the biggest challenge - security and access for different departments and employees.

​Service Requests Migration

The portal is mainly used to submit 10 different request forms including IT equipment, stock rebalancing in the stores and other services from group functions like HR, IT and others. Together with the client, we prioritized the service requests to be migrated. In addition to the forms, the challenge was to implement and test the automation of approval processes, request assignments and escalation rules that comply with the individual brand requirements as well as group policies.

Go Live in 7 APAC Countries

The entirety of the project was delivered via an agile methodology where we hosted regular reviews and assessment meetings with our client to ensure the development was on track. Our dedicated teams worked simultaneously on building the new features as well as resolving existing issues. This diligent focus proved to be key in achieving a 6-month implementation timeline. We piloted the solution with a small test group of users and later launched it to all 400 users in 7 different countries who were migrated to the platform.


Simple and faster back office operations

The client significantly streamlined back-office operations and improved employee experience across their 6 brands. There was no more need to rely on excel sheets to manage business operations. The solution has enabled everyone to perform group-wide operation requests without any excel induced hassle.

The client has benefited greatly from a mobile-first, beautiful and interactive solution that is scalable to new service requests, new brands and new departments. Within 6 months, our client achieved major $$$ savings due to significantly increased operational productivity and saved time for admins and operations teams who can now focus on added-value services for their business. 

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