Raise capital faster and exceed your investor’s expectations with Salesforce

Hedge funds, private equity and commercial real estate can’t merely rely on their performance as a key driver for investor stickiness. We see more funds are looking into the efficiency and precision of investor relations teams to exceed evolving needs of their investors and create a competitive edge.

Innovate your investor relations in two steps

We have designed and implemented a two-step solution for several alternative investment managers in Europe and Asia. First, you need to enable your investor team with tools to help them accelerate and strategize fundraising. Second, you need to give your investors a tool that enables them quickly and easily access major information without overwhelming your teams with ad hoc calls and questions.

Step 1: Accelerate and strategize your fundraising

IRM (Investor Relations Management) becomes essentially one of the key leverage that most fund managers look into when improving investor relations’ efficiency and precision. Particularly, investor relations management helps answer some of the most fundamental questions every professional organization should be asking:

- What is the fundraising level and how much left to achieve certain goals?

- What are the neglected fundraising opportunities?

- What fundraising pipeline do we have per fund?

- What’s the relationship strength between contacts and who could help us introduce to whom?

Step 2: Give your investors the freedom to get the information they want, whenever they want it

As a fund manager or COO, once you build up a great investor relations team and make the team more efficient and precise using CRM technology, it’s time to have a look at the next challenge we commonly see on the market. Many investors demand real-time and secure solution to help them check their investments reports or access investment information whenever they need. On the other hand, self-service is an excellent way to give your team more time for fundraising. With an investor portal built on Salesforce, you and your team can now focus their energy on pitching your new funds or following up with new prospects, rather than looking for and pulling together reports on an ad hoc basis.

Salesforce for investment firms translated

Salesforce offers a robust platform that can be customized to meet the specific needs of asset management companies. Here are some key Salesforce solutions and features that can be utilized for asset management:

  1. Sales Cloud:
    • Client Relationship Management (CRM): Use Sales Cloud to manage client interactions, track leads, and nurture relationships.
    • Opportunity Management: Track potential business opportunities and manage the sales pipeline efficiently.
  2. Service Cloud:
    • Customer Support: Provide excellent customer service by utilizing Service Cloud to manage and resolve client inquiries and issues.
    • Case Management: Effectively handle and resolve client cases related to their investments or account management.
  3. Financial Services Cloud:
    • Client Profile Management: Use Financial Services Cloud to create a comprehensive view of client profiles, including financial goals, preferences, and risk tolerance.
    • Portfolio Management: Monitor and manage client investment portfolios, providing real-time insights into asset performance.
  4. Community Cloud:
    • Client Portals: Build a secure and personalized client portal using Community Cloud. This can provide clients with access to their account information, reports, and other relevant data.
    • Collaboration: Enhance communication and collaboration between clients, advisors, and other stakeholders.
  5. Analytics:
    • Einstein Analytics: Leverage Salesforce's AI-powered analytics to gain insights into client behavior, market trends, and investment performance.
    • Custom Reports and Dashboards: Create customized reports and dashboards to visualize and analyze data relevant to asset management.
  6. Integration:
    • Third-Party Integrations: Integrate Salesforce with third-party financial tools, market data providers, and other systems to ensure seamless data flow and a holistic view of client information.
  7. Workflow Automation:
    • Process Builder: Automate routine business processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual work.
    • Approval Processes: Implement approval processes for investment decisions or client requests.
  8. Security and Compliance:
    • Data Security: Utilize Salesforce's robust security features to protect sensitive client information.
    • Compliance Monitoring: Implement compliance monitoring tools to ensure adherence to industry regulations.
  9. Mobile Solutions:
    • Mobile Apps: Leverage Salesforce mobile apps to enable advisors and clients to access information on the go.
  10. Training and Support:
    • Trailhead: Utilize Salesforce's training platform, Trailhead, to train staff on using the platform effectively.

Implementing Salesforce for asset management companies requires careful planning and customization to align with specific business processes and regulatory requirements. Engaging with Salesforce consultants or experts can help tailor the solution to meet your organization's unique needs.

Salesforce for investment firms

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