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Salesforce and Hedge Funds: A Great Fit

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Forward-thinking investment firms including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and alternative asset classes have been stepping up their CRM adoption to accelerate their fundraising, investments and exits with returns. Let’s take a look at four reasons why Hedge Fund firms are increasingly considering and investing in Salesforce as a solution to grow their company.

1. Security & Trust

Salesforce has built its reputation and success based on its resolute focus on the strength of the security of its solution and the service it provides. You can always review Salesforce’s uptime on their website. Salesforce uses a multi-tenant infrastructure which means that every user of Salesforce, whether it is a global bank, or a startup, will benefit from the same best in class security that Salesforce has built its reputation around.

This could not be more important for a Hedge Fund firm considering whom to trust with their data.

2. Continuous Product Improvements

Salesforce is constantly improving and doing it in a way that is reactive to customer needs and feedback. The releases are delivered three times a year and will not break the customisations in your org. This way you can be confident in knowing that you are investing in a solution that is constantly improving, and not becoming stagnant.

3. AppExchange

When you decide to implement a CRM solution, it is important to give consideration to both the short and long term needs of your company as it grows and scales. Salesforce caters to the expanding needs of your company through its first in class appexchange, which is a cloud marketplace of add-on functionality, already built on the Salesforce platform. On the Salesforce appexchange different providers have built out solutions that provide additional functionality into your existing Salesforce org. You may read reviews, trial apps, and compare offerings. Take a few minutes to review some of the best applications on the Salesforce AppExchange for financial services companies here.

4. User Adoption and Ease of Use

Salesforce is a powerful tool that enables the end-user to make simple customisations and extract meaningful data through drag and drop functionality. This does not mean you should not expect to spend some time getting used to a new system, or that for more advanced customisations you will not need an implementation partner to assist you. But the underlying methodology of Salesforce is to empower the end-user to be in control of their own org and feel confident in their ability to input and extract the data they need.

About Namíru

Hedge Funds interested in customized CRM solutions don’t look to point solutions to simply manage their deals in the cloud. They look at Salesforce CRM and the power of the platform to deliver robust, strategic solutions for their firms at scale.

Namíru Solutions is a Salesforce expert and business growth partner to hedge funds and investment firms in Europe and Asia. With more than 7 years of consulting experience, our trusted advisors are able to listen to your specific requirements, recommend the best practices in the investment industry for your CRM as well as deliver sustainable solutions that will accelerate your fundraising in a whole new way.

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