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IP Fabric needed a single source of truth for their sales, service and finance teams that would increase visibility and automate the entire lead-to-cash process.

IP Fabric strives to empower network professionals globally and cross-functionally by automating network documentation, and visualizing the network infrastructure to accelerate troubleshooting processes. With over 317,000 devices under management, the team has been surpassing milestones at a rapid pace with the launch of their first office in New York, successful rounds of fundraising, and the establishment of various commercial partnerships. IP Fabric needed a single source of truth for their sales, service and finance teams that would increase visibility and automate the entire lead-to-cash process.



Growing a high-tech SaaS company like IP Fabric is difficult enough without having to manage additional operations such as customer service, billing, renewals and more. These tasks can quickly take up valuable time and resources. The revenue operations can grow extremely complex and client data can become siloed or trapped in Excel files. For IP Fabric it was difficult to have a single view of the customer and it resulted in disintegrated sales, marketing, after-sales, and revenue management operations.

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Namiru Solution's delivered a revenue machine which produced and measured marketing funnel performance, enabled sales to have greater visibility into the pipeline and forecasting while automating revenue and subscription management.

Managing the Marketing Funnel

Pardot is a solution for B2B marketing automation and includes powerful tools that generate leads so your sales team can close more deals. Namiru helped IP Fabric to maximize the use of Pardot by tracking visitors, qualifying more leads and optimising marketing campaigns. We further helped the team launch branded landing pages using templates and customising reusable content that can be deployed across channels and assets. Finally, we have supported the team to automatically send emails and perform marketing tasks based on triggers including time, user interactions, and other custom parameters. As a result of our engagement, the lead scoring and grading system nurtures prospects and makes it clear when there is an upsell opportunity. The team is also able to map closed leads back to specific marketing efforts and analyse campaign success by channel.

CRM and Revenue Operations Setup 

The management of operations across Marketing and Sales needed to be more efficient and unified. Namiru helped IP Fabric to define the lifecycle stages to have a full-funnel view of the revenue pipeline and the health of the business as well as building the workflows to move prospects through the system to ensure accurate data within the revenue engine.

Salesforce Sales Cloud became a single entity to oversee the data and tools used to track the flow of revenue through the business and Namiru helped IP Fabric navigate the architecture and integration with many apps including Outreach, Zoom, Cognism and more.

Namiru consolidated contact data from various sources, conducted extensive data cleansing and deduplication of records before importing the data into Salesforce Sales Cloud. With our Managed Services package, Namiru ensured that IP Fabric had the necessary support while evolving the system and on-boarding new users to be successful long term.

Automated Subscription Management, Renewals and One-Click Upsells

The goal for the Salesforce CPQ implementation was to create quotes with the right prices, discounts, and combinations of products and services so that booked and recognized ARR could be automatically calculated and reported.

Namiru centralized and automated the entire subscriptions management so that IP Fabric’s reps could pull out the renewal or upsell quotes with automatic discounts based on historical data to increase the probability of winning the renewal deal and preventing attrition.


Reduced manual tasks and an automated up-sell and renewals processes 

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  • Salesforce reports an astonishing “66% of a sales rep’s day is non-selling activities.” Although the team is not able to avoid all of the manual non-selling tasks, Namiru were able to significantly reduce the quote iterations.

  • The client also dramatically reduced the sales cycles by only focusing on qualified leads. This was achieved by aligning sales and marketing teams on a single platform with a united view of the customer.

  • By automating the up-sell and renewal process, the team now has accurate pricing while keeping flexibility for customized uplifts and full visibility of the renewal pipeline. All of this frees up IP Fabric’s team to spend more meaningful time with their customers and prospects as well as building out the #CommunityFabric

  • The implementation of the Salesforce CPQ from a blank canvas to go live took just 8 weeks. The IP Fabric team have increased their number of licenses with Salesforce so as the whole team can enjoy the benefits of automated revenue operations.

Glass Buildings

Increased accuracy and decreased costs of errors with digital contracts.

Extra visibility and precision on sales forecasting with mobile reports.

Customers' unique requests expedited faster, with greater care.

Want dramatic increases in sales revenue, customer engagement, and employee productivity? 
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