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In the hyper-competitive financial technology market, companies can’t win market share and customers’ trust by relying on non-scalable and fragmented technology that creates roadblocks instead of highways.

As a recognized Salesforce partner for many financial services companies in Europe and Asia, Namíru Solutions creates business value as architects of innovative solutions and implementation managers.


Financial Services


Capital Markets

Accelerate deal flows, fundraising and exits

Top investment banks and buy-side firms count on Salesforce to help them collaborate securely and streamline client engagement. CRM Software for Fund Managers. Unleash the power of your relationships and data.

Asset & Wealth Management

Personalized way to build, preserve and grow wealth

Build, preserve and manage wealth of your clients so they can pursue their financial goals. Personalized and in the moment they want it. Dramatically increase advisor’s productivity and maintain client relationships that last generations.

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Scale faster and reduce churn with solutions for SaaS players

For hyper-growing fintech companies, we help you manage complex sales cycles, close deals faster and accelerate renewals improving business metrics from MRR growth to reduced churn.


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Want dramatic increases in sales revenue, customer and investor engagement, and employee productivity? 
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