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Brawn Capital Accelerates Clean Energy Transformation with Salesforce Private Equity CRM

Brawn Capital is a private equity firm dedicated to funding renewable energies throughout Asia. The firm accelerates the coming clean energy transformation and offers the opportunity to invest in the development of renewable energy projects, a US$3.6tn opportunity over the next two decades according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).


No Visibility on Fundraising and Deal Flows

The core of Brawn's strategy is to purchase solar power projects sourced by an on-the-ground team, develop and re-sell them to generate returns for investors: a process that is scalable to large pipelines and multiple geographies.


In order to achieve such scale and launch new funds for different projects and countries, the client needed a solution that helps to manage the fundraising pipeline as well as the deal flow for potential projects. Brawn’s previous Salesforce implementation was not done correctly to reflect the different fundraising and project sourcing models and therefore became challenging to manage for teams in different locations.


Brawn Capital wanted a 360 view of their investors and projects so they could maintain their core principles of transparency, risk management, compliance and operational controls that investors deserve and expect.


Unlocking 360 Views of Investors and Pipeline

Our consultants needed to fix the data model first and fast. For example, the team had very low visibility in the different funds and they were not able to match fundraising on one hand and projects invested on the other hand on a single fund view page. They lacked a view of their complex investor base that comprises individual investors, as well as large corporations with different divisions. As an investment manager, you need to also understand how the entire portfolio rolls up towards your investor organisation and what are the different relationship strengths between decision-makers and intermediaries. 

In addition, the client’s team spent considerable time searching for information and data that could be relevant to the potential investors or investor reporting. 

When providing investor updates, it would be necessary to go to several sources of data to put together a simple report. 

"We needed to improve coordination and collaboration throughout our organization so that we can better serve our investors. It was really hard to work with the right data that often sat in emails,” says Scott Reinhard, CEO of Brawn Capital. 

Today the investor relations team logs into Salesforce and quickly searches for the account information with the entire investor profile including all essential details, investments and related contacts. This provides a 360 view of the investor that a number of PE and VC funds are struggling with.

Moreover, once the team adopted Salesforce and gained confidence in the tool again via multiple training's and user-friendly documentation, our consultants introduced additional features to supplement the fund administration including the investor communications workflows to boost the company's marketing efforts. 

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Accelerated Fund Administration and Exits

With the fast growth of the clean energy market, Brawn Capital is set for growth and launching new funds. As a result of our 4-week Salesforce implementation project, they are now well-positioned to match any fundraising and deal flow together,  so they can monitor whether they are on track,  what investors have been contacted and what is the real-time status of any given invested project or potential deal. 

“Finally, we achieved the real-time reporting of our performance metrics for investors regardless of their investment vehicle and also internally on activities of our own team,” says Scott Reinhart, CEO of Brawn Capital.  “During the Investor Relation process,” he continues, “Salesforce helps us build up investor confidence because we have all the information about investors and deals in one place and it takes us less time to get back to them with precise information.”


The whole team can now work from anywhere, whether their Investor Relations team is doing roadshows or the project team is on the ground of a new solar power plant inspecting and evaluating its potential, which significantly improves the overall productivity and transparency within the entire organisation. “Our partnership with Namíru on the successful implementation of Salesforce has completely increased our productivity.” 

"Improved coordination and collaboration throughout our organization so that we can better serve our investors"

Our partnership with Namíru on the successful implementation of Salesforce has completely increased our productivity and visibility on fundraising and deal flows.

Scott Reinhart, CEO Brawn Capital

Scott Reinhart


Brawn Capital 

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360 View of Fundraising and Deal Flow

Faster and more effective investor communications and due dilligence

Reliable fund administration, operational and compliance controls

Want to accelerate deal flows and exits, dramatically improve investor engagement, and team's productivity? 
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